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Privacy Policy and General Data Protection Regulation

Important Note:  A reconfiguration plan of the liftupgel.com privacy policy is already in place in view of the GDPR implementation.

Liftupgel.com considers the process of your personal data a very serious matter and this is why it puts a great effort into being fully compliant with all the processing rules and regulations, as they are stated by relevant Greek and European law. 

Liftupgel.com collects personal data only when the users submit them. There is a special provision for the data collected with the use of cookies. Due to the frequent and rapid changes in technology and the corresponding efforts on behalf of the legislator to keep the legislation in line with these changes, liftupgel.com commits to inform you on any modifications in the personal data management policy. In the event of a dispute on behalf of the user towards this policy, the user must terminate and avoid browsing this website. 

Compliance & Processing Principles

liftupgel.com commits to make any possible efforts towards safeguarding the privacy of your personal data. Therefore, liftupgel.com cannot convey your personal data to any third parties for no reason whatsoever, except from occasions that this is legally required by law and only to the relevant authorities.

The user can contact at any time the website admins of liftupgel.com to inform themselves on whether there is a file with their personal details, request to change them or be deleted from our mailing list or database.

liftupgel.com retains files with personal data from users exclusively to be able to access users’ contact details. As part of our constant efforts to improve our services it is likely that liftupgel.com processes data with strict non-disclosure and anonymity terms, part or all of the information the user has provided for statistical or financial purposes.

The personal data liftupgel.com collects can be found below:

Contact Form Messages

Submitting your message via the contact request form, you are accepting the current terms for the use of email, including the use of your name and email address from liftupgel.com in order to contact you.

liftupgel.com commits to not using these data for commercial promotion purposes nor to convey said data to third parties.

Important Note: All information gathered are securely saved to a server. Anytime a user is asked to provide any type of information, the data is secured by the most widely used data encryption coding system, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).


From time-to-time somfisnails.com sends out a newsletter to the website’s users.

The user voluntarily submits their email address via the liftupgel.com website. The email address submitted is then automatically included in the newsletter mailing list. When you receive a newsletter on behalf of liftupgel.com.com you have the right to unsubscribe by clicking on the relevant hyperlink at the bottom of the email. Please note that by unsubscribing from the newsletter mailing list you only opt out to receiving these emails and it does not mean your email’s removal from our database. In case you wish to permanently remove your data from our database, you will need to state this in writing by sending an email to marketing@somfisnails.com and you will receive a confirmation that we have permanently deleted your e-mail address from our e-mail data base.

liftupgel.com reserves the right to delete a user from its’ newsletter mailing list without further explanation or notification.

Liftupgel.com admins strive to ensure the smooth operation of newsletter distribution; however, it is always possible that a technical or organizational error occurs. For any issues or information required in relation to the newsletter operations, please do contact us via email at marketing@somfisnails.com.

IP Addresses

liftupgel.com can locate your IP address via which, your computer or any other electronic device , accesses the internet and then the website liftupgel.com, while these data are used for statistical purposes. When the browser asks permission to access your location via our website, this information is used to provide personalized experience. In any case you may withdraw this authorization at any time by changing your browser’s settings. If you choose not to authorize access to your location it is likely you will not be able to access certain services on liftupgel.com.


With the use of certain links within the website liftupgel.com we provide the possibility for the user to access third party websites. The choice of these hyperlinks has been made with the sole purpose to make the navigation on the internet easier for the user.  This does not comprise as a sign of approval or acceptance of the content of the websites provided via the hyperlink. Each hyperlink leads to a different website with their own terms of use. liftupgel.com does not bring any responsibility on the content  and data protection policy of the website that is transferred to by the hyperlink. Accessing a website via a hyperlink takes place in sole responsibility of the user.


This website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses “cookies”, which are small pieces of information sent by a website that is saved on your hard disk by your computer’s browser. It holds information a site may need to interact with you and personalize your experience. The cookies are unique for each web browser, and they contain anonymous information on the websites the user is visiting.

Google Analytics

This website uses Google analytics Cookies. They are third party cookies and are stored to all the website visitors. They collect information on the way the visitors are using our website and the length of time the information is stored is defined by Google’s terms of use. These cookies collect information in an anonymous form including the number of the website’s visitors, the origin of the visitors and the pages they navigated in our website. We use the information to build reports that will help us improve the user’s experience in our website.