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Lift Up NAIL Gel

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An Innovating solution for ingrown nails

MVP Lift Up Gel by SOMFIS is a professional UV/LED nail gel system targeted to customers with curved toenails and aims at the successful restoration of the toenail.

Traditionally, curved or ingrown toenails have been handled by feet specialists with the use of braces, toenail lifters or in many cases by undergoing surgery to remove part of the nail.

What is revolutionary about Lift Up Gel is that its’ formulation and special properties do the job of lifting the corners of the curved toenail. The product is the actual tool, allowing the nail professional to provide this new service to their customers with guaranteed, immediate and visible results, while the treatment process takes significantly less time than other techniques do.

Revolutionary formula with reverse-pinching properties

• Flattens the curved toenail

• No more painful or uncomfortable feeling when wearing closed shoes

• Improved aesthetic appearance of the toenail

MVP Lift Up Gel

Certified nail professionals and feet specialists.

  Does  your toenail curve far inward at the side?

  Is it painful wearing closed shoes?

  Would you like to improve your nails’ aesthetic appearance?

  Do you want to help your toenails grow correctly?

Where can I get this treatment /service?

Follow this link to see on the map the locations of professional facilities that offer MVP LIFT UP GEL as a service.

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