MVP LIFT UP Gel is for professional use only. It can be used by certified nail and feet professionals i.e. nail technicians, pedicurists, podologists etc.

1) Customers with thin, mildly curved toenails, that experience pain or discomfort when walking or wearing closed shoes. Usually caused by clipping their toenails wrong or by wearing unsuitable shoes.

2) Customers with thicker and significantly curved toenails. Apart from pain and discomfort this customer target group often feels insecure about their toenails’ appearance too.

3) Customers that would like to protect their toenails from becoming curved or growing into the skin.

It all depends on the intensity of the problem. Thin toenails that are slightly curved can have the desired look in a single session. The thicker and curvier the toenails, the more sessions are required.

You will need to re-valuate your customer’s toenails every 3-4 weeks. This way you can decide each time whether a follow up session is required or not.

how it works

  1. Apply 1 coat of LIFT UP Base Gel + Cure for 30’’- 60’’ in UV/LED
  2. Apply 2-3 coats of LIFT UP Care Gel depending on the nail’s condition + Cure between coats for 30’’- 60’’ in UV/LED
  3. Apply 1 coat of LIFT UP Top Gel + Cure for 30’’- 60’’ in UV/LED

MODERATE – CARE GEL UV/LED: Suitable for thin nails, mildly ingrown toenails with a <= 40 % C- curve

VIVACE – CARE GEL UV/LED: Suitable for thicker toenails, significantly curved toenails with a >40% C- curve

PROTECT – CARE GEL UV/LED: Once the toenail is restored, this Protective Care Gel is used on the toenails that tend to grow into the skin. Especially in winter months that closed shoes are worn or when the customer often wears high-heels  / tight shoes.

LIFT UP Gel needs to be removed by drill as it is a hard gel product and not a soak-off one.

Yes, gel polish can be applied after Step 2 (Lift Up Care Gel) and you would need to seal with LIFT UP Top Coat. If the customer prefers simple nail varnish, you may apply it at the end, after LIFT UP Top coat and let it air dry.

Combining LIFT UP Care Gel with non-LIFT UP base or top coats will not provide the desired effect. LIFT UP Base with its’ adhesive properties helps the nail get flatter later in the process while LIFT UP Top seals and boosts the desired results.

Tip: To ensure best results, apply the product carefully all over the nail surface avoiding bald spots.

Lift Up Gel can be applied to the affected toenail regardless the type of pedicure (dry/wet).

No, you do not need to use a primer or bonder. You simply need to wipe the nail with a nail cleanser.

No. Applying two or three thin coats of the Care Gel is the correct way to apply it rather than one thick coat.

Due to the nature of the hard gel, you may notice cracks on the surface, which are expected and do not negatively affect the results. Remember that the toenail remains intact, the cracks will occur on the gel product. You might also notice a slight yellow-ish tone on the gel which will gradually go away within 1-3 days.

The results are visible immediately after the session. The speed and extent of change in the shape of a toenail varies depending on the toenail’s features.

The pain is significantly reduced already after applying the LIFT UP Base Gel and progressively goes away right after the treatment. This is simply due to the fact that the toenail is gradually flatter and off of the skin that it grew into.  

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